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Google Map 2D flight view

Import your flight logs and instantly access the flight track on Google map services, quickly locating the takeoff and landing point of your drone.

Retrieve all automatically generated GPS files for later use with other software such as DashWare. Note that DashWare is now a completely free software since it was bought by GoPro!

Webflightpath will keep all traces of your flights as long as you submit the flight logs.

Google Earth 3D flight replay

Import your flight logs and instantly access an exciting 3D view and animation of your flight with Google Earth services. You will access this functionality with the KML/KMZ files automatically generated by WebFlightPath.com.

Note that viewing the animation requires that the Google Earth heavy client be installed on your computer.

Flight data chart

Instantly view the detailed flight data graph, record all warnings and analyze your flight session with a few clicks. The flight chart will show you all the following flight data: battery voltage, altitude, received signal strength, true air speed, number of satellites.

Flight data paginated table

Find your flight logs historic in a synthetic and ergonomic table, which will allow you to sort, and search any data with great ease.

Supported quad/hexa copter models

WebFlightPath can read and parse flight logs from several Yuneec quad/hexa copters like:

  • Yuneec Tornado H920
  • Yuneec Typhoon H
  • Yuneec Typhoon Q500
  • Blade 350QX
  • Horizon Hobby Blade Chroma 380QX


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